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Dr. Singer will go over your medical history, examine you, discuss your concerns, and desired outcomes. As well as go over what can be realistically achieved, go over pros and cons of various approaches, and compose a customized plan based on your individual anatomy. Why wait any longer to achieve the enhancements you want? Book your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Robert Singer today. You can arrange to meet our plastic surgeon in person or through an online video consultation.

World-Class Plastic Surgery Right Here in La Jolla

As a former President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Aesthetic Society​, Dr. Singer is uniquely qualified to help you realize your goals. Plastic surgery is widely available, but few surgeons have earned the reputation for expertise and artistry that Dr. Robert Singer has. You don't have to look any further than the results he has provided to thousands of patients to see that Dr. Singer possesses a true mastery of harmony, symmetry, and beauty, and the ability to create results that look natural and not dated. 

Combining Precision and Perfectionism

With the imagination of an artist and the innovative, refined skills of a world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Singer of La Jolla, CA, in San Diego County excels at the elusive gift of plastic surgery with precision and perfectionism. If you have been dreaming of achieving refined features that allow you to reach new heights in self-confidence, trust your care to a board-certified surgeon who has earned tremendous respect from academic and private practice colleagues.

Virtual Consultations Are Available

Dr. Singer follows all safety guidelines established by The Aesthetic Society's COVID-19 task force, of which he is a member, and helped direct. He remains in communication with the CDC, as well as state/local associations. He has led numerous webinars around the world on how to make plastic surgery offices safer for patients and staff. Dr. Singer's primary concern is patient safety - which should be the foremost concern of any surgeon.

Why Choose Dr. Singer?

Men and women in Greater San Diego and around the world turn to Dr. Robert Singer in La Jolla because of his decades of experience, exceptional credentials, and reputation:

More Than 46 Years of Experience

Dr. Robert Singer has been in private practice since 1976, and his career has included serving prior President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Aesthetic Society. Throughout his career as a plastic surgeon, he has changed lives and inspired colleagues.

Expert Training & Board Certification

Dr. Singer is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Not all surgeons hold this distinction. This means he has completed substantial training beyond medical school and passed difficult oral and written comprehensive examinations by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Singer has been an invited examiner for the board.
Quad A | Global Accreditation Authority. Patients First. Always.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology

Dr. Singer's onsite surgical center meets the highest standards of safety established by QUAD A (Previously named American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory, Inc), which is the gold-standard of accreditation for office-based surgery facilities. Our surgical center is regularly inspected to make certain that we are meeting the strictest standards regarding patient safety, equipment, cleanliness, and other key factors. Dr. Singer has served as prior President and Chair of the Board of Trustees, and has been a primary surgeon in ISAPS, bringing accreditation worldwide in order to raise the bar of patient safety.

Luxury Amenities

From the moment you enter Dr. Singer's office, you will find that every detail has been carefully curated to ensure that you feel comfortable, welcome, and relaxed. From the soothing colors to the captivating art and comfortable seating, you can expect an environment tailored to your satisfaction.

Flexible Financing

Dr. Singer's treatments are affordable on most budgets and financing options are available through his practice. Dr. Singer's staff can help you explore low-interest payment plans, or other financing options.
Affiliations of New Beauty; the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation; Quad A | Global Accreditation Authority Patients First. Always.; CMA California Medical Association; CSPS 1951; Fellow American College of Surgeons Committed to Excellence; Scripps; realself. TOP CONTRIBUTOR; University of California San Diego; ISAPS; realself. 100 & 500 Hall of Fame Inductee; The Aesthetic Society; San Diego Plastic Surgery Society Affiliations of New Beauty; the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation; Quad A | Global Accreditation Authority Patients First. Always.; CMA California Medical Association; CSPS 1951; Fellow American College of Surgeons Committed to Excellence; Scripps; realself. TOP CONTRIBUTOR; University of California San Diego; ISAPS; realself. 100 & 500 Hall of Fame Inductee; The Aesthetic Society; San Diego Plastic Surgery Society

"The Most Natural-Looking Facelift I Have Ever Seen."



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I visited several plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Singer. Dr. Singer and his staff are extremely knowledgeable with years of experience.Dr. Singer does the most natural looking facelift I have ever seen, and I was extremely satisfied with my results. The care I received from Dr. Singer and his staff after the procedure was exceptional. If you are considering any type of plastic surgery, and are looking for a practice that will provide you with expert care and safe practice,look no further.

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I recently had a tummy tuck and my results are absolutely amazing! Dr Singer's kind and caring approach,his professionalism,experience and expertise have given me fantastic results. My thanks to Dr Singer and his caring staff for a wonderful experience and a dramatic positive change to my now great body!

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Natural-Looking Results

Before facelift
After facelift
Cosmetic surgery can have far-reaching effects you might never have thought possible. Choosing a reputable surgeon like Dr. Singer can ensure the very best results.

Book Your Consultation Committed to Unparalleled Safety & Training Standards

Enhancing your appearance through facelift procedures and other plastic surgery treatments is a very personal journey that can be profoundly rewarding when you choose the right surgeon. Fortunately, you have absolutely nothing to lose by choosing to discuss your goals with one of the most respected surgeons in the field. In fact, There were only 8 plastic surgeons who previously received the award before it was bestowed on Dr. Singer. ASERF Career Achievement Award, the most prestigious award in the field of aesthetic (cosmetic) plastic surgery. 

During your consultation, Dr. Singer will listen carefully as you explain what you hope to achieve. Based on his decades of experience and mastery of both the technical and artistic aspects of plastic surgery, he will recommend treatment options, patiently explain these options to you, and answer your questions. Dr. Singer provides a comprehensive range of treatments, including breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, facelift, body contouring, liposuction, eye lid surgery, and rhinoplasty. He also provides many non-surgical enhancements

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Singer, please contact our San Diego practice online or call:

(858) 455-0290

Dr. Robert Singer

Featured Procedures

Dr. Robert Singer provides a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to enhance the breastsbody, and face. Dr. Singer's most frequently performed procedures include:

Breast Augmentation

Modern breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure that can enhance your entire figure by improving the size, shape, and contours of your bustline. Under the care of plastic surgeon Robert Singer, your procedure will be carefully planned according to your goals and your body type to help you feel exquisitely feminine and supremely confident.

Explore Breast Augmentation

Tummy Tuck

Has weight loss or childbirth left you with stretched skin, separated muscles, or stubborn fat deposits? Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, can tighten the tissues of the midsection to give you the lean, fit appearance you desire. Robert Singer, MD, uses sophisticated techniques that result in minimal and easily concealed scarring.

Explore Tummy Tuck Surgery


Of all cosmetic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty is widely considered one of the most difficult due to the challenge of refining both cartilage and skin in a way that not only produces a natural-looking result, but also leaves little or no outward scarring. Dr. Singer is a board-certified plastic surgeon who excels at this procedure, and he can use it to address both cosmetic and practical needs, such as a deviated septum. Having performed thousands of successful rhinoplasties, Dr. Singer usually uses a closed approach without the result of any external scars.

Explore Rhinoplasty


Drooping upper eyelids and baggy lower eyelids contribute to signs of aging and can make the eyes appear tired or worried. Issues with the upper eyelids can also affect your field of vision. Blepharoplasty can target sagging upper eyelids and puffy lower eyelids, restoring a relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated appearance. Post-surgical scars are carefully hidden along the natural folds and structures of the eyelids.

Explore Eyelid Surgery

Facelift Surgery by a Master of the Craft

Your face is your most prominent feature, and providing natural-looking surgical facial enhancements requires exceptional skill. Dr. Singer can use refined techniques to turn back the clock in a way that makes you look rested and rejuvenated rather than looking like a cosmetic surgery patient. Dr. Singer has performed thousands of successful facelifts for men and women. Every patient is unique, and the procedure needs to be customized and tailored in order to achieve the best results. He performs procedures that can enhance the entire visage from the brow to the chin, as well as procedures that focus solely on the brow, midface, and lower third of the face.

Many men and women who undergo this procedure by Dr. Singer combine the procedure with other treatments to achieve a more comprehensive result while combining recovery times. These include:

woman touching her face

Our Complete Services Some are performed at our other Prime Surgical offices

Real Rejuvenation

Before facelift
After facelift
Dr. Singer can help you look rested and refreshed rather than looking like a plastic surgery patient.

Exceptionally Safe Onsite Treatment

At the Singer Surgical Centre in San Diego, we are equipped to perform all of our procedures onsite with the utmost safety. Our surgical facility has voluntarily pursued and achieved accreditation by QUAD A (formerly American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc.) at the highest level. The QUAD A ensures safety and accessibility for patients seeking same-day surgical procedures. 

Unfortunately, most office-based surgical facilities in the United States are not accredited or regularly inspected. However, our facility is inspected on a regular basis and we fulfill all of the essential criteria in terms of safety, equipment, sterilization, facility structure, staff, and physicians.

Whether you are stopping in for a quick BOTOX Cosmetic treatment or undergoing a comprehensive mommy makeover, you can expect the highest standards of comfort, privacy, and safety under our care.

A Limited Facelift with Virtually Limitless Benefits

Before plastic surgery
after plastic surgery
Dr. Singer performed a limited procedure for this patient, enhancing the definition of her jawline in a way that complements her natural features.

Take It from a Satisfied Facelift Patient...

"I was worried that I would look somewhat different but I just look like a younger version of myself. I appreciated the kindness, professional service and efficiency of total staff." from RealPatientRatings®

Start Planning the New You

Are you tired of feeling-self conscious about physical imperfections? Are you ready to start a new chapter of confidence and beauty in your life? Taking the first step is easier than you may think.

During your in-person or online consultation, Robert Singer, MD, will listen carefully as you explain what you hope to achieve. Based on your goals, he can provide expert recommendations and explain your treatment options in a way that helps you make an informed decision. 

Feeling confident in your appearance can allow you to experience a better quality of life and greater success in your career and relationships. Why settle for anything less than the care of a board-certified leader in plastic surgery who has been changing lives for more than 40 years? To book your consultation with our plastic surgeon, reach out to our La Jolla office in San Diego County online or call:

(858) 455-0290

The Truth about Plastic Surgery

When it comes to any kind of medical procedure, patient education is essential to a successful result. As cosmetic surgery has become a more prominent part of our culture, it has also become surrounded by misinformation and misunderstanding.

Dr. Singer is a plastic surgeon who is committed to making sure that his patients understand the facts regarding these procedures. He invites you to take a moment to explore the truth about many common cosmetic surgery myths:

"The Best Out There."



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I underwent extensive surgery by Dr. Singer. He imparted a lot of confidence in me. Robert Singer did for me exactly what I wanted — I told him a few days ago that "I don't believe in miracles, and what you've done for me is the closest I'll come to one." 

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Dr. Singer and his office staff are the best out there! I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to visit his office again. Not only were all of my questions answered, but I felt comfortable in Dr. Singer's hands. I will recommend all my friends and family to him. Thank you Dr. Singer!

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Dr. Robert Singer

Robert Singer, M.D.

Dr. Robert Singer is a board-certified plastic surgeon and former President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Aesthetic Society who gives his patients life-changing results. His technical mastery and artistic sensibilities have helped thousands of patients achieve natural-looking rejuvenation through facelifts and other complex procedures. Dr. Singer is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation, Founder and Prior President
  • QUAD A, Prior President
  • San Diego Plastic Surgery Society, Prior President
  • California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Prior President
  • Chosen by his peers as the inaugural visiting professor of California Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) for all academic plastic surgery programs in California: UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, Loma Linda University, Stanford University, UC Irvine and USC
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Prior Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Member of numerous task forces including Patient Safety
  • American College of Surgeons 

To discover what Dr. Singer can do for you, request your consultation online or call his plastic surgery practice at (858) 455-0290.

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